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OT: NFL Wildcard Weekend

After this past weekends games I came up with the following conclusions.............

Green Bay toyed with the Vikes, (sorry Yati/U&I) Too bad on the Ponder issue. The Vikes didn't stand a chance with Webb.

Baltimore still sucks and Ray Lewis looked out of place. Too bad Ariens wasn't there to call the plays for Indy. If he would have been, I think Indy would have won easily.

Houston looked bad and Cinci looked worse. Houston will need to get their shit in order for this weeks game.

Wilson is NOT a God. He didn't show much of anything. RGIII should have been pulled. He wasn't even 50%. Cousins could have played well enough to hold on for the win.

by doccustodian January 7, 2013 3:23 PM


Yeah it sucked not having Ponder play. Green Bay didnt dominate that game like the score might suggest. Our coaching staff should be fired for only getting AP 22 touches in the game. Our defense played well enough to win that game with Ponder and Harvin in there.

Houston is struggling throwing the ball so they got Foster 40 total touches and won. Funny how that works.

Seattle loses that games with a healthy RGIII.

Baltimore is the typical Baltimore. Flacco is not the guy to lead them to the SB. They need to realize that and soon.

Anyone else watching Notre Dame get throttled in the BCS Championship game by Bama? I can think of a few teams who would have put up a better game than Notre Dame.
by Unfair and Imbalanced January 7, 2013 11:37 PM

Vikings did not stand a chance with or without Mr. Steele. There best chance would have been for Fran Tarkenton to return to the field.

Indy would not have won regardless of who called the plays. Unless Bert Jones returned to play and hit Dave Casper with the "Ghost to the Post" II.

Neither Houston or Cincy could win in NE unless Ken Anderson and Dan Pastorini would return.

Wilson may not be god but he is better than RG III. Would have been a better game if they had Jim Zorn vs Billy Kilmer though.

by Mulligan January 8, 2013 10:35 AM


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