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Political: Fiscal responsibility

Fiscal responsibility?

I have had the daunting responsibility of babysitting one of your own but while doing so it brought me to a pause on the actual question of what we are asking. What exactly is the difference between “Fiscal responsibility” and the decision to NOT wanting to pay for services we don’t want as a society or ideology? My cable bill last month was almost 200 dollars because I had not realized I bought a movie package that I unknowingly signed up for when the technician did the install. At the time the cost was acceptable but there was an “adjustment” after the free air time
Not at all the cable company’s fault so I paid the rate and discontinued the service BECAUSE I don’t need or want it

So I’m looking at a plethora of studies of tax rates, GDP, historical graphs, and policies from the different era’s that were prosperous and some that weren't. I consistently come back to Taxes (revenue) needing to hover at the 12-15% of GDP for a break even and the higher rate(s) gets the Medicare/SSI Trust funds repaid and thriving. What does each 100, 1000, or 10000 employed do for revenue increases regarding the GDP.
Keeping us confused or at odds is better than solving the issue it would seem.

So as we stare the CLIFF nonsense in the face and the looming debt increase debacle in the near future isn’t this just a few idiots in Washington that should be turning off Cinemax or cancelling cable altogether? Realistically I can get a second job to afford more cable but isn't 40 hours a week enough? Let’s hypothetically determine I want cable and am willing to make more by taking that extra job…adding revenue per se
What are the actual “SPENDING” percentages and “TAX” percentages that make America stay solvent and continue with what we have? If we can’t afford what we have then show us what it takes everyone to add to the pot to keep the channels they want to view
I pay for a portion of my daughter’s car payment because “I CAN AFFORD IT”. I make a little more and I want her to have nicer things. If she slacked and quit her job I’d take the car as expected. Why then is it that we have 99 weeks on Unemployment insurance? TWO YEARS? Really? I’m financially OK and don’t mind sacrificing for the better society but why would I want to pay more for the SAME broken Government?
Because I’m successful and busted my ass for DECADES?
I’d fire everyone and start over if Washington was my company!
Why are we not doing more to solve the problems?

Why won’t Obama, Reid, or Boehner just show us what the actual GDP needs are? Why don’t we see what the breakdowns in revenue of the GDP need to be? Why aren’t we seeing what spending cuts need to take place to reach their share of their GDP percentages? Is it because we’d understand that Congress is failing and at the same time gave themselves a raise? Why aren’t we addressing CORPORATE TAXES and the total elimination of loop holes? Corporations have been the big winner lately so why not ask them to pay their fair share? Taking the subsidies and loops also gets Congress free’d from their lobby efforts because there’s nothing to grease!
It’s simple enough to understand math but what’s happening is the separation, division, and charade game to get us at odds with each other while the fox’s are raping the chickens and laughing all the while

by Sooner Nation December 30, 2012 8:47 PM


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